Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol 1

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  • VPS Avenger

    Cyberpunk One

    Take a trip into the future! 'Cyberpunk One' is here: Get ready for the most bad-ass, futurized 80s sounds you will ever encounter. As a mixture of melodic vintage synth pop, dubstep, and hard electronic beats, this genre just have something for everyone. Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz again teamed up to create the best Cyberpunk sounds out there: Enjoy fuzzed guitar basslines, ultra hard sync sounds, analog pads, digital bells, evolving pads and fat gated drums. We recorded the original 80s analog & digital hardware, as well as real guitarists and bass players and created 31 authentic drumkits and 110 (!) outstanding wavetables for you to explore. This is the complete Cyberpunk experience! (Of course you want to have this if you are into Synthwave or Synthpop, too)

  • Vengeance Synthwave Essentials

    Volume 1

    The first Vengeance Essential Synthwave samplepack has landed! You wanted the best magic 80's sounds in one place? Well here it is: 'VSW1' has over 2700 high quality wave samples, consisting of the fattest vintage kicks, snares, cymbals & synth toms, analog basses & synths, complete drum loops, complex uplifting & downlifting effects, huge reverbed impacts as well as many live recorded electric guitar loops - all in various tempos, ranging from 100 to 140 BPM and different root keys... created on authentic 80s hardware and insanely expensive vintage effect gear. This is a complete decade in one samplepack, carefully lifted and polished up to the modern standarts! Use these sounds in all kind of Electronic, Synth Pop, Synthwave, Cyberpunk or Trance genres. Your samplers are waiting for hot new sounds, what are you waiting for?

  • VPS Avenger

    Future Bass 1

    Finally, Future Bass is here! Sound designer Mirko Ruta shows his incredible skills in this genre and created shocking basslines, pulsating chords, clever arpeggios, breathtaking sequences, vocals, fat leads, effects and wonderfully designed drumkits. Dont miss this extraordinary expansion pack for VPS Avenger. This inspiring pack will keep you motivated for months! Of course you can use these new sounds in your Hip Hop, Trap, House, Trance or EDM productions as well...

  • VPS Avenger

    Psy 2

    The second chapter of Psytrance has arrived: Psy 2 offers you new tight basslines, leads, effects, plucks, pads and drumkits as well as over 70 new arpeggio melodies for your VPS Avenger. Sound Designer Marcel Seifer presents his collection of top modern Psy sounds, all ready to use and highly inspirational. Of course these presets will fit perfectly into other genres like EDM or normal Trance. Get it now and stock up your Avenger with these awesome new sounds!

  • VPS Avenger

    Trance Invasion 2

    Trance Invasion 2 has landed! Our special guest sound programmer invading your studio this time: Alan Morris! Trance at its best from germany: Enjoy tons of wonderful arpeggios, rolling basslines, fat leads, lush pads, cutting plucks, modern trance drumkits and well composed sequences and refreshing chord progressions - Alan is a professional piano player. So if you know his music, you know you can expect awesomeness. Of course there is also a big new Arpeggio presets folder included in this XP. A true must have for every serious trance producer out there!

  • VPS Avenger

    Future Vocals 1

    Vocals are an essential part for any modern EDM production. With this brand new VPS Avenger Expansion by Stephan Endemann your search is over: Get 21 elaborated vocal hooks, which seamlesse follow your pitch and your BPM! Using VPS Avengers new Multiloop Sample-Engine you have absolute control over all aspects, including formant shifting to create darker or lighter tones of the vocal. But that is by far not all: You also will get tons of modern EDM sounds such as excellent brazilian basslines, new drumkits, arps, pads, leads, sequences (incl. vocal live playing), shapes, multisamples, wavetable etc. A gigantic pack and a must have for you!

  • Vengeance EDM Essentials

    Volume 3

    EDM is back with a Vengeance! Volume 3 is here and its bigger and better than ever: Enjoy unbelievable 3200 modern production sounds for big room EDM, such as Kicks (and tonal multi kits), claps, snares, cymbals, effects (with long risers), vocals, synth shots, drumloops (hats only, percussion only etc). Around 80% of this samplepack is oneshots, for directly loading & using it in your favourite VSTi sampler. All oneshots have Vengeance' premium quality: precisely cut, all equal level of volume, ready to use instantly, optimized to cut perfectly through any mix. The creator Andy Hinz spend a long time creating and collecting only the best sounds for this huge samplepack. But the best thing is, that it contains all current subgenres of EDM, so no matter what you want to produce, brazilian bass, electro house, dubstep, garage, bounce, future bass/house, trance or synth/chart pop - this pack will become you main inspirational source for every task!

  • VPS Avenger

    Future House 2

    Future is now, with the brand new Future House Volume 2! Enjoy 137 ingenious designed House sounds by Andy Hinz, with deep FM basses, punchy brazilian basses, inspiring arps, natural instruments like pianos or club-brasses, bass-growls, vocals, powerful chords & stabs, wonderful plucks and 29 complete Future House drumkits, allowing you to play on the top of modern chart & club music! What are you waiting for?

  • VPS Avenger

    Cinematic Loops 1

    Welcome to the next level of cinematic sound design: Cinematic Loops 1 is here! Manuel Schleis & Andy Hinz opened their sound archives and created a unique masterpiece of 133 action driven blockbuster sounds, using over 170 outstanding granular loops, 30 new epic drumkits and many new cinematic multisamples. This pack plays arps/sequences, similar to the 'Atmospherica' expansion pack, but with more control: This time, granular and regular synthesis blend seamlessy together, to create wild pumping basslines, spectral textures, sinister drones, beautiful atmospheres and thrilling effects, cinematic risers, real orchestral stuff and so much more... This pack impressively shows what Avenger can do - You will love to use this also in your Trance, Chill or EDM productions for sure.

  • VPS Avenger

    Funky House 2

    This is the XP all House producers waited for: Funky House 2 is here and it has the groove! Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz teamed up for this huge expansion to pay tribute to their favourite House decade: the early 00s, with awesome artists like Freemasons, Juniorjack or labels like Hed Kandi. Among the 133 complex Avenger presets you will find everything you love: E-basslines, with those fancy slides, 70s vinyl filtered hooks, pianos & strings, brass, multiloop-guitars, 33 complete funky drumkits, granular loops from S&H, effects, bells and over 90 well composed new ARP presets using many seventh chords and other typical intervalls of Disco, French, Filtered, 70s and Funky House. Even in current pop music the funk elements returned, so get this XP now to bring a bit of DISCO to all of your productions!

  • VPS Avenger

    Synthwave II

    The 80s are back! And they sound more glorious than ever before. Synthwave II is here! If the past and future had a child, it would be this expansion pack. Manuel Schleis pulled out all the stops and designed 132 presets full of fat analog 80s sound design, like big gated drumkits and roughly distorted cyberpunk basslines. Also included are 139 first class digital wavetables of the DX era that let you create the best sounding bells, FM-sweeps, growly basslines, digital plucks and even talking vocoders. Layer many of these wonderful wavetables and you`ll get the fattest bells, sweeping airy pads and fantasy digital leads you`ve never heard before! And, of course, we use the newest Avenger technology: multiloop guitar kits (80s power distortion and improvised lead guitar riffs) are part of this gigantic expansion, too. Have we mentioned the 91 new arp patterns yet?

  • VPS Avenger

    Cinematic 3

    The circle ends: Manuel Schleis and Kevin Schröder both teamed up now for Cinematic 3 to bring you the best of both worlds: 135 true masterpieces of cinematic sound design! Beside that you get 20 new cinematic drumkits, 51 fantastic granular samples, new OSC shapes, Wavetables and multisamples - also including many real recorded instruments. By exploring this expansion you will have no doubt, that Avenger is the king of modulations. Any Cinematic, Trance, Chillout or Trailer/Media producer will love this one!

  • VPS Avenger

    Hip Hop 2

    Back in the hood: Hip Hop 2 is here! And man, this is a huge pack: explore 143 new presets with the lowest basslines, deep 808 booms, melancholic arps, pianos, flutes, bells and wonderful pads and synthlines. Besides the many new presets you get 30 outstanding new drumkits, 3 new saxophone multiloops, cool granular stuff and tons of new multisamples. Dont miss this incredible beat building machine!

  • VPS Avenger

    Guitars XP1 (Distorted & Electric)

    Here we go: the first volume of the new guitar expansion packs will supply you with 50 different distortion & electricguitar kits. Use them in Avengers new 'Multiloop' module and play any key, any bpm and any chord you like (minor, major or 5ths) the guitar will follow your input seamlessy. All guitar loop kits have been recorded live by a professional guitarist and by using the best guitars, effects and recording equipment you can get. They are perfect for being used as rhythmic background or lead elements in your track for nearly any genre you can imagine. This adds so much new possibilities and value to your VPS Avenger - you will love this!

  • VPS Avenger

    explore the next level of synthesis

    FINALLY! 'Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger' has been released.

    VPS is your new workhorse in the studio. It can do anything, sound like everything, and the best thing is: it`s easy to understand and comfortable to use. Together with its huge library and tons of unique and outstanding new features, Avenger is a true game changer. Not convinced yet? Please watch our product video or check out our demo version!

  • VPS Phalanx

    meet our flagship drum & synth sampler

    Your search for a powerful sampler tool just ended here: Phalanx is the new sampler which will be the heart and center of your music production.

    Phalanx has mind blowing new features on board and main focus on a quick, comfortable and easy workflow, which will invite you to try out new ways and crazy things. Better watch our detailed product videos now, there are just too many features inside this monster to fit in this text!

  • VPS EFX Bundle 2

    you wanted it, you get it: 15 unique effects!

    The EFX Bundle is back with volume 2! 15 brand new specialists for every effect task you can imagine. These powerful effect processors will become indispensable in your daily production situations. The unbeatable price makes this deal a no brainer (6.60€/plugin)
    For owners of vol. EFX Bundle 1&2, there are 2 bonus plugins, making a total of 17 plugins in this incredible effect bundle!

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Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol 1 Free Download

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Vengeance Edm Essentials Vol 3

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