Dr Phil Season 12 Episode 148 Daughter Vs Dad

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Phil full episode: A “Dr. Phil” Catfish Investigation: Where is “Paul Shaw”? Phil full episode: Wedding Wars; Dr. Phil full episode: Obsessions? Phil full episode: “My Mom Calls Us ‘The Beauty and the Brainwasher’” Dr. Phil full episode: “‘Love Stoned’ – My Daughter is Addicted to a Toxic Man!”. Phil (2002– ) Season 12 Episode 150 All Daughter vs. Dad: The Truth Revealed (1 May 2014) TV Episode.

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Season 0 (KTMA)

K00 - The Green Slime

A 15-minute presentation designed to sell the premise of the show.

K01 - Invaders from the Deep

First aired episode. Crow T. Robot performed by Josh Weinstein.

K02 - Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars

Crow performed by Trace Beaulieu. First appearance of Tom Servo.

K03 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II

K04 - Gamera vs. Barugon

K05 - Gamera

K06 - Gamera vs. Gaos

K07 - Gamera vs. Zigra

K08 - Gamera vs. Guiron

K09 - Phase IV

K10 - Cosmic Princess

K11 - Humanoid Woman

K12 - Fugitive Alien

K13 - SST: Death Flight

K14 - Mighty Jack

K15 - Superdome

K16 - City on Fire

K17 - Time of the Apes

K18 - The Million Eyes of Sumuru

K19 - Hangar 18

K20 - The Last Chase

K21 - The 'Legend of Dinosaurs'

Season 1

101 - The Crawling Eye

A man discovers that an extraterrestrial force is killing mountain climbers in a small village. First national appearance of Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson, Trace Beaulieu as Crow T. Robot and Dr. Clayton Forrester, and Josh Weinstein as Tom Servo and Dr. Laurence Erhardt. Jim Mallon's first appearance as Gypsy.

102 - The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy

Scientists search for the ancient breastplate of a mummy, culminating in a mad scientist's attempt to fight the creature through the construction of a robot. The short introduces 'Commando Cody', a scientist who dons a helmet and jet pack to thwart the evil plans of Moon Men and their criminal associates.

103 - Mad Monster

A mad scientist turns a man into a werewolf in an attempt to silence his critics. In the short, Commando Cody attempts to escape moon-dwelling aliens while in the possession of an atomic weapon.

104 - Women Of The Prehistoric Planet

An attempt is made to recover the crew of a spaceship that has crash-landed on an unknown planet.

105 - The Corpse Vanishes

A reporter attempts to expose a botanist who kidnaps women in a plan to keep his wife healthy and youthful. In the short, Commando Cody pursues gangsters after returning to Earth.

106 - The Crawling Hand

A teenager becomes possessed by a sentient, disembodied arm of an irradiated astronaut.

107 - Robot Monster

After destroying all civilization on Earth, an alien attempts to wipe out the planet's last survivors. In the shorts, Commando Cody's assistant is kidnapped, leading to the pursuit of gangsters working for aliens from the Moon.

108 - The Slime People

A race of reptile-like creatures attack Los Angeles, and a group of survivors attempts to escape the area. In the short, Commando Cody pursues gangsters that have caused flooding through the use of an atomic bomb.

109 - Project Moonbase

In a futuristic version 1970, a group of astronauts are infiltrated by a spy, who inadvertently causes the team to become stranded on the Moon. In the shorts, Commando Cody fights gangsters who have acquired another atomic ray, and eventually returns to the moon in an attempt to sabotage moon-dwelling enemies.

110 - Robot Holocaust

In the future, a group of renegades fight to free mankind by battling the Dark One, the Room of Questions, the Vault of Beasts, and other menacing creations.

111 - Moon Zero Two

On a colonized moon, a disaffected astronaut-turned-cargo hauler hooks up with a woman who has come looking for her brother, a miner working a distant patch of moonscape.

112 - Untamed Youth

Two hitchhiking sisters are sentenced to thirty days of labor at a cotton farm run by the corrupt county government.

113 - The Black Scorpion

Giant black scorpions emerge and go on a rampage in Mexico after a volcanic eruption. Josh Weinstein's last episode.

Season 2

201 - Rocketship X-M

A rocketship is accidentally diverted from the Moon to Mars, where the crew finds the ruins of a Martian civilization and a band of rogue survivors.
New sets and new intro theme visuals. First appearance of Frank Conniff as TV's Frank. First appearance of Kevin Murphy as Tom Servo.

202 - The Sidehackers

Two motorcycle racers meet at a competition and become the victims of manipulation by a girlfriend who wants to change boyfriends.

203 - Jungle Goddess

Two pilots set out to find a woman lost in remote Africa to gain a reward. They find her being worshiped by a native tribe.
The short is the first of multiple episodes of the 1939 serial The Phantom Creeps, featuring Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist bent on world domination.

204 - Catalina Caper

Two college boys enjoy Catalina Island sunshine, scuba diving, and beach 'bunnies', while another boy's con-artist parents scheme to sell a stolen scroll.

205 - Rocket Attack USA

Dr phil season 12 episode 148 daughter vs dad daughter

The U.S. sends spies to the Soviet Union to discover imminent missile-attack plans, while trying to play catch-up with its own missile program.

206 - The Ring Of Terror

A seemingly fearless college kid must steal a ring from a dead man to join a fraternity.

207 - Wild Rebels

A retired race car driver, talked into going undercover by the police, joins a biker gang and must serve as the getaway car driver.

208 - Lost Continent

An American military and science team searches for a downed rocket at the top of a remote mountain, only to find it is a dinosaur-infested jungle left over from a prehistoric era.

209 - The Hellcats

After a cop is killed by a drug boss, his fiancée and brother join a drug-running woman-led biker gang to uncover the boss's operation and get justice.

210 - King Dinosaur

Two carefully-chosen scientist couples investigate a mysterious new planet and are menaced by dinosaurs.
The short reviews the vehicular misdeeds of an accident victim in a Heaven-like courtroom.

211 - First Spaceship On Venus

A multinational team of astronauts heads to Venus, but finds a world destroyed by nuclear war.

212 - Godzilla Vs. Megalon

Mutant dinosaur Godzilla and size-changing robot Jet Jaguar battle Seatopian god Megalon and alien cyborg Gigan, bent on razing the planet for the underground civilization of Seatopia.

213 - Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster

Godzilla and giant moth Mothra battle giant crustacean Ebirah.

Season 3

301 - Cave Dwellers

In the first sequel to Ator, the Fighting Eagle, Ator helps a warrior woman rescue her father from an evil overlord.

302 - Gamera

A military plane crashes in the Arctic, awakening giant turtle Gamera. It attacks Japan, yet seemingly befriends a young boy.

303 - Pod People

A child adopts a large egg which hatches into a mischievous alien, while a group of pop musicians on a wilderness vacation runs into trouble.

304 - Gamera Vs. Barugon

A group of men collude to steal a giant jewel from an Asian jungle. The jewel is actually an egg, which hatches into mutant lizard Barugon, who battles Gamera.

305 - Stranded In Space

An astronaut winds up on a totalitarian version of Earth and tries to return home.

306 - Time Of The Apes

A woman and two children take refuge in cryogenic capsules, only to awake as fugitives in a world populated by anthropomorphic apes.

307 - Daddy-O

The crew riff on the short 'Alphabet Antics' before watching Daddy-O (1958), a film about a group of teenage beatniks who spend their free time drag-racing. Joel is inspired to write the song 'Hike Your Pants Up' and the Bots reenact a drag race scene from the movie.

308 - Gamera Vs. Gaos

Gamera fights the pterodactyl-like Gaos.

309 - The Amazing Colossal Man

A military officer is accidentally exposed to an atomic blast, turning him into a giant.

310 - Fugitive Alien

Movie constructed from two episodes of a Japanese television show. An alien marauder becomes a fugitive from his planet Valnar's Star, then joins the Earth spaceship Bacchus 3 to fight against his former masters.

311 - It Conquered The World

With the help of a naive scientist, an alien from Venus invades Earth and attempts to turn humans into emotionless servants.
The short is a newsreel featuring a wide variety of winter sports.

312 - Gamera Vs. Guiron

Brain-eating aliens abduct two boys from Japan. Gamera attempts to rescue them, but must fight the cyborg monster Guiron.

313 - Earth Vs. The Spider

Joel and the Bots get tips on public speaking from the short 'Speech: Using Your Voice' and watch a spider devour a town in Earth vs the Spider (1958). Crow forces the guy to read his screenplay 'Earth vs. Soup' and Joel sets up a rehearsal for his rock band Spidorr.

314 - Mighty Jack

A world-protecting organization and their flying submarine – both called 'Mighty Jack' – fight the terrorist organization 'Q'. Movie constructed from the first and last episodes of a Japanese TV show.

315 - Teenage Caveman

In a prehistoric world, a teenager rails against the seemingly arbitrary laws of his caveman tribe to explore the forbidden world around him. Aquatic Wizards is a newsreel about water-skiing acrobatics. Catching Trouble (1936) features trapper Ross Allen demonstrating his prowess at catching animals in the Florida Everglades.

316 - Gamera Vs. Zigra

Gamera fights shark-like alien Zigra, who, with the help of a woman under his control, attempts to take over Earth from its polluting inhabitants.

317 - Viking Women Vs. The Sea Serpent

Vikings' wives set sail to rescue their husbands, who are being held hostage by Grimolt warriors. In the 1951 short, four young women learn the value of home economics degrees.

318 - Star Force - Fugitive Alien II

In the continuation to Fugitive Alien, Ken and the Bacchus 3 crew are ordered to destroy an alien super-weapon, then move on to attack Valnar's Star itself.

319 - War Of The Colossal Beast

In the sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man, Glenn Manning is found ravaging Mexico, looking for food. He is then captured and brought back to the United States. The short is about a magical pixie who urges an adolescent boy to take up a musical instrument.

320 - The Unearthly

A surgeon performs medical experiments on his patients at a remote sanitarium. In Posture Pals, a foursome of elementary school kids improve their posture. In Appreciating Our Parents, a young boy learns to value his parents.

321 - Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Martians abduct Santa Claus and two human children in hopes of bringing Christmas to their planet.

322 - Master Ninja I

TV show The Master cut together into a series of movies. An American ninja searches for his long-lost daughter with the help of his protogee. In this installment, they defend an airport owner from businessmen and a corrupt sheriff, then defend a nightclub owner from thugs.

323 - The Castle Of Fu-Manchu

The evil Doctor Fu Manchu threatens to freeze the Earth's oceans, and abducts a talented scientist with heart problems.

324 - Master Ninja II

Continuation of Master Ninja I. In this installment, the protagonists help a tuna cannery union organizer, then save a Senator's daughter from terrorists.

Season 4

401 - Space Travelers

Various obstacles hamper attempts to rescue three NASA astronauts trapped aboard a crippled space capsule.

402 - The Giant Gila Monster

A 30-foot killer Gila monster is loose in the woods near a bumbling town full of teens.

403 - City Limits

In a dystopian future, a teen rides his motorcycle into an abandoned city and gets involved in a gang dispute that centers on taking the city back from an evil corporation.

404 - Teenagers From Outer Space

A group of aliens land on Earth and decide to use the planet as a farm for their livestock. One of the aliens rebels and flees to a small town, where he is pursued by another alien who kills anyone in his path.

405 - Being From Another Planet

In California, a mummy found in King Tut's tomb is X-rayed by a university team. The radiation awakens the mummy. It escapes that night and creeps around campus for the next couple of days looking for five missing crystals that were pilfered by a student.

406 - Attack Of The Giant Leeches

People begin vanishing near a Florida swamp, and a game warden discovers the culprits are mutant leeches.
The short is the first segment of a 1936 movie serial about a group of Navy men who discover Atlantis.

407 - The Killer Shrews

A skipper makes a delivery to a small island, and learns that the inhabitants include heavy-drinking scientists doing genetic experiments resulting in a pack of omnivorous giant shrews.
In the short, a cowpoke straightens out some wayward kids by making them put on a small-time rodeo.

408 - Hercules Unchained

Queen Lidia casts a spell of amnesia on Hercules, who becomes a prisoner in her harem.

409 - The Indestructible Man

A convict dies in the electric chair and is brought back to life by mad scientists. He then sets out to get even with those who squealed on him.
This episode features the second of the two installments shown from the 12-part Undersea Kingdom serial.

410 - Hercules Against The Moon Men

Hercules attempts to free a city from a Moon-worshiping cult.

411 - The Magic Sword

Sword-and-sorcery film about a prince rescuing a princess from an evil wizard.

412 - Hercules And The Captive Women

Hercules goes to Atlantis to save his son.

413 - Manhunt In Space

Dr Phil Season 12 Episode 148 Daughter Vs Dad Episodes

Edited-together episodes of the 1950s TV series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. Rocky Jones fights space pirates, the evil Queen Cleolanta, and her lieutenant Atlansan.
In the first of three brief 1963 segments from the soap opera General Hospital featured as shorts on the series, Dr. Phil Brewer is invited to the engagement party of the woman he is having an affair with, and Dr. Steve Hardy informs a patient of her hernia diagnosis.

414 - Tormented

A jazz pianist living at a beachfront community is about to get married, but his troublesome mistress confronts him at the top of a lighthouse. In the argument, she slips and falls; the pianist has a chance to save her, but lets her fall to her death. Her ghost comes to haunt him and disrupt his upcoming nuptials, as his fiancé's eight-year-old sister grows suspicious.

415 - The Beatniks

A leader of a gang of delinquent teens is heard singing along with a jukebox at a greasy spoon and gets the chance to be a star. His gang, resentful of his success, threaten to ruin his career.
In the General Hospital installment, tensions run high during the engagement party.

416 - Fire Maidens Of Outer Space

Astronauts travel to a moon of Jupiter and discover a civilization of women. The astronauts help the women battle a monster that has been terrorizing their settlement.

417 - Crash Of The Moons

Edited-together episodes of the 1950s TV series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. Rocky Jones tries to save two worlds from collision, despite the self-defeating efforts of Cleolanta.
In the third General Hospital short, Dr. Brewer's marriage and affair both begin to fall apart.

418 - Attack Of The The Eye Creatures

Aliens land near a small town and are encountered by teenagers. While military personnel investigate, the kids band together to fight back against the invasion.

419 - The Rebel Set

A coffeehouse owner wants to knock off an armored car, and gets three losers to help him.
In the short, young Johnny explores the 1947 Canadian National Exhibition.

420 - The Human Duplicators

An alien takes over a professor's mansion-basement laboratory, and makes android clones to infiltrate the government.

421 - Monster A-Go-Go

Authorities and the military search for a missing astronaut believed to have become an irradiated monster.
The short offers a look at the 40th Annual Carnival of the Toronto Skating Club.

422 - The Day The Earth Froze

Nordic fantasy tale, based loosely on the Kalevala, about a wicked witch's schemes to get, and later regain, a magic mill.
The short is a look at the Clyde Beatty circus.

Dr Phil Season 12 Episode 148 Daughter Vs Dad

423 - Bride Of The Monster

Mad scientist Dr. Eric Vornoff lives in a remote swamp while attempting to create an army of atomic supermen in his lab. He performs experiments on intruders and feeds his enemies to a pond-dwelling octopus.
In the 1941 short, a Chevrolet sales manager wonders why his team is having trouble selling their product door-to-door.

424 - 'Manos': The Hands Of Fate

A hapless family on a car trip in rural Texas take refuge at an inn that harbors a deadly cult.
In the conclusion of the two-part short, the sales manager hero gets advice from his father.

Season 5

501 - Warrior Of The Lost World

A nameless hero and his talking motorcycle fight an evil dictator in a post-apocalyptic world.

502 - Hercules

Hercules searches for the Golden Fleece.

503 - Swamp Diamonds

Four women break out of prison, hoping to recover a cache of stolen diamonds.
In the 1951 short, young Nick hopes to ask schoolmate Kay for a date but can't think of a venue.

504 - Secret Agent Super Dragon

A CIA agent battles a Venezuelan crime lord bent on poisoning the United States with an exotic mind-altering drug.

505 - Magic Voyage Of Sinbad

Sadko (renamed 'Sinbad' in this English-dubbed version) tries to find a mythological bird for a destitute town.

506 - Eegah!

A giant caveman stumbles across modern civilization, then kidnaps a teenage girl and her father.

507 - I Accuse My Parents

A young man gets mixed up with a crime syndicate and blames his inattentive parents.
The 1940s-era documentary short explains the then-new techniques that enabled farmers to rush produce to market.

508 - Operation Double 007

A plastic surgeon (played by Neil Connery, brother of Sean), the brother of a secret agent, combats villain Thair Beta.

509 - Girl In Lover's Lane

Drifter Bix Dugan, traveling with rich-kid runaway Danny, becomes involved with a small-town waitress.

510 - The Painted Hills

A Lassie movie, set in 1870s California amongst rival gold miners.
The 1950s-era short teaches college students how to improve their hygiene.

511 - Gunslinger

After her sheriff husband is killed by outlaws, a woman takes over as sheriff and cleans up the town.

512 - Mitchell

A slovenly cop pursues drug traffickers.
Joel Hodgson's last episode as host. Michael J. Nelson's first episode as Mike Nelson.

513 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

When a doctor's fiancee is decapitated, he keeps her head alive in a laboratory and tries to find her a new body.
Michael J. Nelson's first episode as the central character.

514 - Teen-Age Strangler

A serial killer stalks teenagers in a small town.
The 1950s short contrasts the relationships of two young couples.

515 - Wild, Wild World Of Batwoman

Crimefighter Batwoman and her loyal young female assistants battle villains Ratfink and Professor Neon.
The 1951 short chronicles the downfall of a high school student caught copying his test answers from another student.

516 - Alien From L.A.

A clumsy California woman looks for her father in the lost underground civilization of Atlantis.

517 - The Beginning Of The End

A government researcher experiments with radioactive materials to boost crop production, and inadvertently creates a hungry army of giant grasshoppers.

518 - The Atomic Brain

A wealthy, aging widow wants to transplant her brain into the body of a young woman.
The 1955 short focuses on gang member Jamie, who realizes the dangers of delinquency when his dad is mugged and beaten.

519 - Outlaw (Of Gor)

In the sequel to 1988's Gor, college professor Cabot returns to the magical planet Gor, and is soon caught up in palace intrigue involving evil sorcerer Xenos.

520 - Radar Secret Service

A branch of the Secret Service uses radar to track down uranium smugglers.
The 1959 educational short, produced by Union Pacific Railroad, teaches drivers to pay better attention when crossing railroad tracks.

521 - Santa Claus

A demon attempts to destroy Santa Claus.

522 - Teen-Age Crime Wave

After breaking out of prison, young fugitives hold a family hostage in a small farmhouse.

523 - Village Of The Giants

After eating an experimental chemical which turns them into giants, a gang of teenagers become the capricious rulers of a small town.

524 - 12 To The Moon

A multinational expedition to Earth's moon discovers advanced beings who want no contact with humanity.
In the short, a woman dances her way through a futuristic fantasy world of cars and home appliances.

Season 6

601 - Girls Town

A mysterious death lands a teenage girl in a reform school headed by good-hearted nuns, but the girl's sister is in trouble.

602 - Invasion U.S.A.

A cautionary tale of a group of ordinary Americans facing the consequences of failing to support their government in fighting Communism, when the Soviets invade the mainland.
The 1950 short presents a typical dinner at home for a rigidly polite suburban family.

603 - The Dead Talk Back

A paranormal researcher claims he has invented a radio that can talk with the dead, which he uses to aid in the investigation of a murder committed at his boarding-house residence.
The short showcases grocery store refrigeration units.

604 - Zombie Nightmare

A hit-and-run victim is brought back from the dead by a voodoo doctor, and then seeks revenge.

605 - Colossus And The Headhunters

Maciste battles a tribe of savages who have abducted a king.

606 - The Creeping Terror

A bloblike monster goes on a rampage.

607 - Bloodlust

A mad game hunter traps youth on his island to add to his trophy collection.
The short presents the adventures of a pair of city kids spending their summer at a dairy farm.
First appearance of Mary Jo Pehl as Pearl Forrester

608 - Code Name: Diamond Head

A failed Quinn Martin TV pilot follows an undercover agent battling a foreign villain in Hawaii.
The short follows a farm family at the county fair.

609 - The Sky Divers

Set at a tiny airfield in a small California town, married couple Harry and Beth run a jump school. When Harry rebukes his old girlfriend, she hooks up with his fired mechanic to seek revenge.
The 1956 short explains why boys should take industrial arts classes.

610 - The Violent Years

Delinquent girls go on a crime spree.
The short, sponsored by the Edison Electric Institute, presents a suburban family's typical day.

611 - Last Of The Wild Horses

A cowboy stops some cattle rustlers and gets framed for murder.

612 - The Starfighters

A film detailing the life of an Air Force pilot-in-training whose father is a congressman.

613 - The Sinister Urge

Cops try to shut down a pornography ring.
The 1956 short encourages children to pay close attention to fashion and meticulous hygiene.

614 - San Francisco International

This pilot for the TV series San Francisco International Airport details the hijackings, kidnappings, and marital problems that plague the airport manager.

615 - Kitten With A Whip

While running for Senator, a soft-hearted man finds himself alternately cajoled and blackmailed into helping a young woman who has broken out of a reform school along with her 'friends.'

616 - Racket Girls

A gym owner gets into trouble, becoming the target of the mob and the law.
The 1950 short presents a high school couple rushing into marriage, and the marriage counselor who talks them out of it.

617 - The Sword And The Dragon

Barbarians attack Russia in the 13th century, but a valiant man fends off the hordes with wisdom.

618 - High School Big Shot

A high school dweeb plans a heist to win the favor of a pretty classmate.
The short aims at keeping bread truck drivers on the straight and narrow.

619 - Red Zone Cuba

An escaped criminal stumbles upon a desolate Army post, takes part in the Bay of Pigs invasion, then goes in search of ore.
The short offers advice for public speakers.

620 - Danger! Death Ray

Agent Bart Fargo must save both a stolen death ray and the scientist who created it from an evil organization.

621 - The Beast Of Yucca Flats

A defecting Russian scientist turns into a monster after being caught in an atomic bomb explosion and wanders around the test range, killing various people.
Shorts include Money Talks, a 1955 outing promoting the importance of a budget, and Progress Island USA, a 1973 film meant to lure investors to Puerto Rico.

622 - Angels' Revenge

Seven women fight drug dealers.

623 - The Amazing Transparent Man

A mad scientist gives a convict the power of invisibility, who then uses it to rob a bank.
In the 1955 Union Pacific Railroad-sponsored short, a minister urges workers to be more careful while on the job, to prevent injuries.

624 - Samson Vs. The Vampire Women

Masked wrestler El Santo battles vampire women who want to capture a young woman destined to become their queen.
Frank Conniff's last episode as a series regular.

Season 7

701 - Night Of The Blood Beast

An astronaut survives the crash of his capsule, only to learn he has been impregnated by an alien.
In the musical short, a woman dreams of redecorating her house.
701T, which features alternate Thanksgiving-themed host segments, premiered on Thanksgiving Day 1995. The primary version of the episode debuted three months later. The commentary on the film and short is the same in both versions of the episode.[2] First episode with Pearl Forrester as a regular character.

702 - The Brute Man

A disfigured man takes revenge on the college pals he believes caused his condition.
The short is a documentary-style examination of chicken farming.

703 - Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell

The medieval adventures of a sardonic hero, on a quest for three magical stones, who battles the evil sorcerer Troxartes, ruler of Southland.

704 - The Incredible Melting Man

An astronaut is exposed to radiation and turns into a mindless, violent, melting monster.

705 - Escape 2000

An evil corporation wants to raze and rebuild the Bronx, and secretly attempts to kill its obstinate residents. A band of rebels fights back.

706 - Laserblast

A teenager discovers a laser weapon left behind by turtle-like aliens. He uses it for petty revenge, but the weapon slowly changes his personality.
Trace Beaulieu's final episode.

MST3K: The Movie

This Island Earth

The crew make several attempts to escape the Satellite of Love but are thwarted by Dr. Forrester and forced to watch This Island Earth.

Season 8

801 - Revenge Of The Creature

The first sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon, in which the creature is at last captured and taken to a Florida aquarium for study.
Bill Corbett's first episode as Crow T. Robot. First appearance of Professor Bobo. Pearl Forrester takes over as lead mad scientist.

802 - The Leech Woman

An alcoholic middle-aged woman discovers the secret to renewed, but temporary, youth from an African tribe. She steals the tools used in the ritual and returns to America, killing men to maintain her youth.

803 - The Mole People

Archaeologists find a lost civilization underground, where the title characters are enslaved by an ancient race of Sumerian albinos.

804 - The Deadly Mantis

Dr phil season 12 episode 148 daughter vs dad in real life

An Arctic earthquake causes a giant praying mantis to invade Washington DC and New York City.

805 - The Thing That Couldn't Die

The 400-year-old severed head of a devil-worshiper hypnotizes several people at a ranch in order to be reunited with his body.
First appearance of Observer.

806 - The Undead

A hypnotist and 'psychical researcher' sends a prostitute back to the 15th century to live a previous life as a woman falsely accused of witchcraft, then follows her back to change the past.

807 - Terror From The Year 5000

When time machine brings her from 5200 AD to the present, a mysterious woman kills and hypnotizes her victims so that she can bring a man with her back to the future.

808 - The She Creature

A carnival mesmerist uses hypnosis on a woman to summon the spirit of a murderous female sea creature.

809 - I Was A Teenage Werewolf

Michael Landon plays a high school kid who is hypnotized into becoming a werewolf.

810 - The Giant Spider Invasion

Mutant spider eggs land on Earth via meteor. They start hatching and terrorizing a small Wisconsin town.

811 - 'Parts': The Clonus Horror

In an isolated community set in a remote desert area, clones are being bred to serve as a source of replacement organs for the wealthy and powerful.

812 - The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies

A couple of slackers stumble across a cult of monsters at an early 1960s carnival.

813 - Jack Frost

Filmed version of the Russian Morozko fairy tale. A woman is forced to slave away, while a young prince with the head of a bear must perform a good deed to reverse the curse.

814 - Riding With Death

Two episodes of the short-lived series Gemini Man edited into one movie. INTERSECT agent Sam Casey, who can turn invisible at will, safeguards a super fuel additive and then takes on a saboteur.

815 - Agent For H.A.R.M.

An American spy protects a scientist from Russian agents.

816 - Prince Of Space

Superhero Prince of Space defends Earth from evil aliens, led by the Phantom of Krankor.

817 - Horror Of Party Beach

A beach community is plagued by sea monsters created by radioactive waste dumped off the coast.

818 - Devil Doll

A ventriloquist turns to hypnosis to transfer a person's soul into his dummy.

819 - Invasion Of The Neptune Men

A costumed hero in a flying rocket-car tries to save Earth from robot aliens.

820 - Space Mutiny

A space pilot helps the commander of a spaceship fight a mutiny led by the treacherous security chief.

821 - Time Chasers

A college professor and a reporter go through time in a modified light plane to stop a corporation from using his invention to accidentally create a dystopian future.

822 - Overdrawn At The Memory Bank

In an Orwellian future, a corporate employee discovers forbidden films inside the computers. He projects himself a rendition of Casablanca, and ends up leading a revolution.

Season 9

901 - The Projected Man

A professor develops a teleporter, then teleports himself, with dire consequences.

902 - Phantom Planet

An astronaut crashes on an asteroid populated by tiny aliens at war with another planet. He shrinks to their size and is imprisoned by them.

903 - Puma Man

A man learns he was born with special powers and becomes the superhero Puma Man. He fights the villainous Dr. Kobras, who uses an ancient mind-control mask in his attempts to rule the world.

904 - Werewolf

After digging up strange bones, a man becomes a werewolf.

905 - The Deadly Bees

A pop singer goes on vacation to remote Seagull Island. Her host and his neighbor are both beekeepers. She becomes embroiled in their ongoing feud, and soon afterwards people start dying from bee attacks.

906 - The Space Children

The children of rocket technicians come into contact with a mind-controlling blob. Together they sabotage a rocket launch.
The short is a 1962 Bell Company production set at the Seattle's World's Fair, at which then-futuristic telephone innovations are discussed and demonstrated.

907 - Hobgoblins

Several teens pursue aliens that escaped from a movie studio vault.

908 - The Touch Of Satan

A young man gets lost while driving, and becomes the guest of a young woman who turns out to be a witch.

909 - Gorgo

A sea monster appears off the coast of Ireland and is captured by circus men. When the monster is moved to London, its mother comes following; devastation ensues.

910 - The Final Sacrifice

A teen follows a map left for him by his long-dead father, runs afoul of an evil cult, then teams up with a beer-guzzling drifter who has a secret.

911 - Devil Fish

A group of Florida scientists discover a gigantic prehistoric shark.

912 - The Screaming Skull

Newly-married wife Jenni can't tell if the skull she sees in her new home is a ghostly apparition of her husband's dead first wife, hallucinations from her own nervous condition... or something else.
In the short, Gumby programs robots to do his chores for him, with disastrous results.

913 - Quest Of The Delta Knights

A band of knights seek to defeat a malevolent ruler by locating a trove of magical inventions.

Season 10

1001 - Soultaker

A group of teens are injured in a car wreck, and must elude their grim reaper before time runs out.
Joel Hodgson and Frank Conniff guest star in the host segments.

1002 - The Girl In Gold Boots

A girl from rural California goes to Los Angeles to work as a go-go dancer. There, she and her friends get involved with drug dealers.

1003 - Merlin's Shop Of Mystical Wonders

Using a series of flashbacks, a grandfather tells contemporary stories featuring the legendary wizard Merlin. One story features a book of spells, the other an evil toy monkey.
This episode was originally slated to be shown earlier in the season, but because of clearance issues for Sci-Fi Channel, it made its debut a month after the series finale first aired.

1004 - Future War

An alien race kidnaps Earthlings for use as slaves. One slave escapes to contemporary Los Angeles, where he is hunted by alien cyborgs using dinosaurs as trackers.

1005 - Blood Waters Of Dr. Z

A Florida scientist turns himself into a catfish monster and attacks those who wronged him.

1006 - Boggy Creek II

A professor and his students camp out in the rural Arkansas swamp, in hopes of finding a Bigfoot-like creature.

1007 - Track Of The Moon Beast

A New Mexico mineralogist is struck in the head by a tiny meteor. When the moon becomes full, he becomes a mindless humanoid lizard monster.

1008 - Final Justice

A Texas sheriff goes to Malta in pursuit of the criminal that killed his partner.

1009 - Hamlet

A German television production of the Shakespeare play.

1010 - It Lives By Night

A vacationing scientist is bitten by, and then begins turning into, a bat.

1011 - Horrors Of Spider Island

A manager and his all-girl dance troupe survive a plane crash, only to find themselves on an island infested with mutated spiders.

1012 - Squirm

Intelligent, flesh-eating worms attack the residents of remote Fly Creek, Georgia.
The short follows a hapless man whose wish – that springs didn't exist – is granted by a magical creature who aims to teach him a lesson.

1013 - Diabolik

The skilled thief Diabolik performs daring heists, culminating in the theft of $10 million, an 11-emerald necklace, and twenty tons of gold.

Final episode of the original series and Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, Mary Jo Pehl, and Patrick Brantseg as series regulars.

Season 11 - The Return

1101 - Reptilicus

During a space mission, Jonah Heston is kidnapped by Kinga, Dr. Forrester’s ambitious daughter. Jonah does a major redesign on Gypsy.

First appearance of Jonah Ray as Jonah Heston, Felicia Day as Kinga Forrester, and Patton Oswalt as Max. First episode with Hampton Yount as Crow T. Robot, Baron Vaughn as Tom Servo and Rebecca Hanson as Gypsy.

1102 - Cry Wilderness

Pearl Forrester, Bobo and Brain Guy pay an awkward visit to Moon 13 revealing fractured family dynamics. Jonah starts working on a space suit. Special guest stars Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl.

1103 - The Time Travelers

Jonah introduces a series of new robots to Tom and Crow, with unexpected results. The Satellite of Love receives visitors Larry and Dr. Varno. Kinga and Max celebrate the 200th episode of MST3K.

1104 - Avalanche

Max ruefully considers his affection for Kinga while she openly declares her love for online soul mate Neville LaRoy. Together they sing the hit song, “Our Love Is On Wings (You Can’t See).”

1105 - The Beast of Hollow Mountain

Crow and Tom don mysterious costumes inspired by the film and perform an unnerving parade. Jonah and the bots discuss how other popular movies could benefit from dinosaur attacks.

1106 - Starcrash

Kinga and Max pitch several money-making ideas to big-time space venture capitalist Freak Masterstroke. The bots obsess over their newfound devotion to a character in the film.

1107 - The Land that Time Forgot

Jonah and the bots realize the Mads have been stealing their ideas for Invention Exchanges. The Satellite of Love attracts a giant space squid, and Kinga and Max debut a promotional ad for their new venture, Dinosaur Barbeque.

1108 - The Loves of Hercules

The bots subject Jonah to a herculean trial as the defendant in “Court of Axe Appeal.” When Jonah introduces another new bot, M. Waverly, Tom and Crow make their feelings known.

1109 - Yongary

The Mads invest heavily in a new brand of coffee by a rising entrepreneur named Todd Hitler. Jonah breaks down for Crow how to properly create a mix tape for listening to during space travel.

1110 - Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

Max finds a mysterious key that unlocks a gigantic, powerful robot he befriends and names Reptilicus Metallicus. Jonah sings a poignant song to Tom Servo illustrating the responsibility of magic powers.

1111 - Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II

Kinga seeks advice from Gramma Pearl (Mary Jo Pehl)about how to boost ratingsbut is rejected, and has to settle for Pearl’s clone, Synthia. Kinga’s new liquid medium, Kinga Chrome, continues to misfire, while Jonah creates a training video with the bots for a grille and inn franchise.

1112 - Carnival Magic

Jonah and the bots are visited by the great space circus ringmaster, P.T. Mindslap, who wants to recruit the bots for his circus. A glitch in Kinga Chrome reveals a strange specter of another host with the bots.

Dr Phil Season 12 Episode 148 Daughter Vs Dad Full

1113 - The Christmas that Almost Wasn't

Santa pays a visit to the Satellite of Love and Jonah puts the finishing touches on his space suit.

1114 - At the Earth's Core

It is Kinga’s wedding day and she coerces the Manager of the Hive Mind to fill the seats at Moon 13 with guests. Max, disheartened, receives a manly pep talk from Doug McClure. An unexpected guest officiates the wedding.

Season 12 - The Gauntlet

1201 - Mac and Me

The gang kicks off a marathon of movie torture with a suspiciously E.T.-like flick featuring a homely baby alien with a serious soda habit.

Dr Phil Season 12 Episode 148 Daughter Vs Dad Daughter

1202 - Atlantic Rim

This bro-tastic ripoff of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim boasts cheesy dialogue, barely scientific mech suits and some very creative geography.

1203 - Lords of the Deep

Jonah and the bots join the star-crossed crew of an undersea lab for a psychedelic late-'80s adventure that boggles the mind in all the worst ways.

1204 - The Day Time Ended

As Jonah and pals suffer through endless stop-motion sci-fi mayhem in the California desert, an old acquaintance drops in on Kinga and Max.

Dr Phil Season 12 Episode 148 Daughter Vs Dad Dies

1205 - Killer Fish

Blood and betrayals abound in this messy Lee Majors horror movie featuring stolen jewels, piranhas and a tangled web of thieves.

1206 - Ator, The Fighting Eagle

After plunging the frazzled crew into a world of prophecies, gnarly spiders and scantily clad warriors, Kinga unveils her next diabolical plan.