Dexterity Test Kit

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The Minnesota Manual Dexterity testing kit includes sixty plastic cylinders, board with sixty round holes, carrying case, manual with norms, and record blanks. The Complete Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test kit includes 2 folding boards, 60 blocks, carrying case, and instruction manual with norms. Replacement Models 1-04811 Replacement Board. Hand Tool Dexterity Test Kit. FCE Accessories. Price: 240 USD In stock. Test proficiency in using ordinary mechanic's tools. The test consists of tools and two upright bolts. The object is to disassemble all the bolts from one upright and reassemble them on corresponding rows of the other upright with the heads of the bolts inside.

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From the comfort of home

Dexterity Test Online


Patients appreciate the ease of DxTerity’s from-home sample collection capability, a feature that also saves time and money in the sampling process. Our proprietary and easy-to-use DxCollect® fingerstick collection kit is designed for safe fingerstick blood collection and standard US mail shipment.

Stabilized at Ambient Temperature


DxTerity has traditional phlebotomy collection and a revolutionary fingerstick collector kit. Both can stabilize RNA and DNA at ambient temperature.

High Quality RNA Sample Collection

Unlike industry leading current technology tubes, DxCollect® products provide robust stabilization of RNA at room temperature, simplifying sample handling requirements and enabling shipping by standard US mail.

RNA Stable Over Time

Day 3 and Day 14 RNA samples are of similar quality using the DxCollect MCD fingerstick collector kit.

Dexterity Test Kit

Easy-to-Use Collection Kit Enhances Sample Integrity and Compliance

From-home collection with DxCollect is turnkey. Each participant receives a pre-addressed kit with all needed supplies and easy-to-follow instructions for the sample collection process: pricking the finger with the lancet, dripping 4 to 5 drops of blood into the wide mouth collector, screwing the collector into the transport tube to stabilize the blood sample and shipping by US mail in the original box.

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Dexterity Test For Employment

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Dexterity Test Printable

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